Capture straight to h.265 using BMDs capture cards

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Capture straight to h.265 using BMDs capture cards

PostFri Apr 21, 2017 11:55 am

Hi everyone.
I have an Intensity Pro 4K which I'm using for live broadcasting (and it works great).
Now I want to capture footage straight from the camera at 4K/10bit. Question is that neither my single SSD nor my Raid 0 are fast enough to handle the bandwidth when capturing using "BMD Media Express".
The newer NVIDIA video cards are capable of encoding h264 and h265 on the fly but Media Express doesn't make use of that feature.
I managed to capture 4K 8-bit h265 using Nvidia's codec using a software called "bandicam" (which works quite well with the intensity card) but Bandicam doesn't have any configuration for bit-depth.

What I want to know is: Which other capture softwares are compatible with both Nvidia's GPU and Intensity cards?

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