Mini monitor 3D LUT on different outputs

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Mini monitor 3D LUT on different outputs

PostWed Aug 02, 2017 6:39 pm

Hello there,
I've searched on forum but without good results.
We know that Mini monitor can output both HDMI and SDI simultaneously but what about 3D LUTs in resolve?
Can I use the HDMI output with a dedicated monitor and its custom 3D LUT and simultaneously use the SDI output with a projector and its 3D LUT? If yes where I can find the second SDI output in resolve?
Or I just need to use the same LUT for both output? What if I'll buy a second mini monitor unit, could Resolve recognise the second device allowing me to setup a custom 3D LUT for projector, too.

Any advice it will be very appreciated. ;)

Thanks a lot!

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Re: Mini monitor 3D LUT on different outputs

PostSat Aug 05, 2017 6:24 am

I think if you're going to feed a monitor with a LUT, you're better off getting an actual physical LUT box instead of doing it in software. The advantage is that your scopes will be accurate if they come directly out of Resolve (and not through a LUT first). BMD's Teranex Mini boxes can hold a 32x32 LUT.
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