UltraStudio Mini Monitor - overheating?

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UltraStudio Mini Monitor - overheating?

PostWed Sep 06, 2017 1:30 am

Hi all,

Been using a fairly new UltraStudio Mini Monitor to drive a Dreamcolor monitor from our nMac Pro (Thunderbolt to HDMI) while using Premiere CC 2017. Every once in a while it cuts out and the screen goes black, with the device being listed as missing in the Blackmagic System Prefs. A quick unplug and re-plug of the Thunderbolt cable usually brings it right back. When this happens the unit is very hot.

Could this be a case of it overheating, or is the unit supposed to be able to last while plugged in all day?

If it is overheating, I'd love to hear what the best practices should be for the unit. Should we leave it unplugged until we need it? I'll admit that there are some days we're not editing but the Mac Pro is on and the Mini Monitor is still powered up; do you recommend keeping it unplugged until it's definitely needed for external display? Should we unplug it overnight so it's not getting any power during downtime?


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