DVI Port Question

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DVI Port Question

PostSun Sep 10, 2017 1:41 pm

Hi. I just took out my graphics card and the new one will be here in about a week. Now i only have a monitor with a DVI port for a few days (my motherboard has integrated grphics) and i want to use my computer for web and text only for a few days. But the DVI adaptor i have has these additional 4 contacts my motherboard DVI doesn't have. Can i just bend them to the side (or clip them off?) Its only an adapter - or is this an entirely different connection?
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Jack Fairley

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Re: DVI Port Question

PostSun Sep 10, 2017 8:33 pm

You can see here the different types of DVI connector, those pins are for analog video. It should be fine if you pull them out.

https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/ ... es.svg.png

Andrew Kolakowski

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Re: DVI Port Question

PostSun Sep 10, 2017 11:41 pm

Yes, or just buy correct cable.

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Re: DVI Port Question

PostWed Sep 13, 2017 3:35 am

Pull them out unless that picture is of a DVI-I to VGA adapter. You are trying to connect a DVI-D (digital) monitor to your system....right?
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