MiniDV to Easefab... video yes, audio no

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MiniDV to Easefab... video yes, audio no

PostTue Sep 12, 2017 8:04 pm

New iMac, new program (Resolve) for me, new forum user but I swear I searched for the answer to this and did not see it.

I have things recorded to MiniDV. I tried to capture them.

Resolve won't capture, but my otherwise-paperweight copy of Final Cut Pro X did. OK, can live with that.

But the .mov file, once imported, didn't show any sign of audio in Resolve. (In other words, not just silent, but no visible waveform either.)

Did some Googling and found Easefab. It claimed it would make my .mov work in Resolve.

I converted the file in Easefab to the correct video codec. Imported it into Resolve. And... still no audio.

My theory is that I'm not getting it to the right audio codec for Resolve to recognize, not that Easefab has other choices. But I'm happy to accept other theories.

So the question is:

Does anyone know what I'm missing about helping Resolve take a .mov file and import both its audio and video, as FCP does?

Many thanks.
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Colin Barrett

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Re: MiniDV to Easefab... video yes, audio no

PostThu Sep 14, 2017 2:53 pm

When you mentioned that you were able to capture from DV into FCPX - are you sure you didn't mean FCP7? FCPX doesn't have a capture interface whereas FCP7 did.

Also, if you right-click on the file icon and "Get Info", what does it tell you about the codec, audio, etc? You may have an audio type incompatibility which may need transcoding.
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Peter Cave

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Re: MiniDV to Easefab... video yes, audio no

PostFri Sep 15, 2017 11:56 am

Hi Colin,

you should read the FCPX manual before posting. I have been importing tapes using FCPX for years.

Mike, if you have audio in FCPX then it could be an odd sample rate. Some DV cameras had a 32KHz option. These odd sample rates are not supported in Resolve.
If you have audio in FCPX, then export from FCPX and change the sample rate on export to 48KHz.
I'm not sure if odd audio sample rates are supported in FCPX.

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