Monitor out of sync from the MiniMonitor

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Alex Kogan

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Monitor out of sync from the MiniMonitor

PostMon Oct 16, 2017 5:12 pm

I have a MiniMonitor I have just setup. It's displaying the picture out of sync. Maybe 10 frames late. On my computer monitor it seems to be in sync. I have a Focusrite Scarlet 18i20 and full surround sound for audio.

Any idea what might fix this?

Ben Disinger

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Re: Monitor out of sync from the MiniMonitor

PostThu Oct 19, 2017 5:02 am

I know in Premiere there is an option to offset video. I'm not sure what program your in, but they might have something similar.

In Premiere, go to Preferences > Playback. Under "Video Device" you'll be able to set your offset.

Hope that helps!

Glenn Sakatch

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Re: Monitor out of sync from the MiniMonitor

PostThu Oct 19, 2017 4:53 pm

keeping audio and video in sync on two different sources at once can be quite challenging...probably not what you want to hear.

Factors that can contribute are the length (and type) of cable run to the second monitor as well as how is your audio being fed, and where in the chain is that sound coming from. As you move signals down the chain, they will tend to lose sync with signals earlier in the chain. Are you trying to get 1 audio source to supply two different monitors?
That is very difficult without some sort of hardware video and or mixer audio delay setup.

I run video to my broadcast monitor (sdi) and monitor audio from a digital audio mixer. If i use a client monitor as well, they listen to a seperate audio feed from me, so the picture they are looking at, is also feeding the surround box. (Both client audio and video go through a teranex mini to help reclock everything) I can then delay the audio that i'm hearing through my yamaha mixer to match their audio. But even at that, i then have to kinda ignore the 4 frames my picture is out of sync from my audio. As long as what the client looks at and sees is in sync for the session, then everyone ( the client) is happy.

If need be i can adjust the monitor levels so we both hear our own sound, and not interfere with each other too much, but that is usually just for quick adjustments on my end, and then we switch back to client audio solely.
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Nick Lear

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Re: Monitor out of sync from the MiniMonitor

PostSun Jan 28, 2018 12:59 pm

I am also seeing the decklink mini monitor out of sync with Premiere, when it is in sync with Resolve.

In Premiere the video is 3 frames late.

If the decklink takes time - say 125 ms (3 frames) - to process then this would be understanable, but then how is Resolve in sync? Unless it is delaying audio without telling you when you enable decklink.

EDIT: I just noticed that while the mini monitor is in sync, the record monitor is out by 3 frames., which kind of makes more sense.
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