Ultrastudio 4k Powering Down/Overheating?

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Ultrastudio 4k Powering Down/Overheating?

PostMon Oct 23, 2017 7:41 pm

I recently got a used Ultrastudio 4k from B&H.It was 9/10 on their site.

I've tested it to see that it works, and updated its firmware with the latest Blackmagic Video. After the update the fans did get noticeably quieter.

In use, it shuts down after around 30min. Possibly an overheat issue, as it won't power back on for a bit. I took it out of my rack thinking it was getting too hot, but even outside its still shutting down.

It will only power back up after being unplugged for a while. If I try to plug it back in before it "cools" it will not power on.

Desktop Video 10.9.7

Common issue? Bunk unit?

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