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Hyperdeck Studio Audio Dropout

PostMon Nov 27, 2017 9:58 pm

Hi All,

I am writing to log a failure, I have not made any progress reproducing the fail or diagnosing a cause, but I can say it has not recurred since it initially happened on 11/1. All of the gear in question was purchased in mid-2014, I think...

The Hyperdeck is downstream from an ATEM TVS, and all other devices performed normally during the shoot. Audio monitor was upstream (an analog-digital audio converter), and was visually verified intermittently throughout the program using the audio page in the BMD software control application. On file transfer, files were found to not contain the normal audio (tracks 1&2 *BLANK*), and way out on track 7 (unused/unusable in my configuration) the track was full of -0dB static.

The fail happened on the first of 2 programs taped in the same room, on the same day, with the same setup, 2 hours apart. The equipment was power-cycled between the programs, but no other changes were made. The audio recording from the second of the two shows was completely normal.

Anyone else experienced anything like this?

Takeaway: The same old rules of live production still apply. ALWAYS monitor audio at or downstream from the main recording device, ALWAYS record double or triple backups of program-critical audio on independent devices.

Eric D - CoralVision

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