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Intensity Pro 4K not detected Win 10 but works with 14.1.1

PostPosted: Thu Nov 30, 2017 7:26 pm
by Bill Engeler
The Intensity Pro 4K works fine with Resolve 14.1.1, but not anymore with Premiere Pro 2017, using Windows 10. Edit: I'm using the card for playback to 1920 x 1080 monitor.

It was working fine with both, but after installing a new Video card (GTX 1070), the card is not detected. In Premiere settings under Playback, there is a box to tick for "Blackmagic Playback". It's ticked but it doesn't work, and if I click "setup" for the BM Playback, it doesn't detect anything.

Likewise, if I open BM Desktop Video Setup, no "Desktop Video Device is Detected".

I'm using Desktop Video 10.9.7. I tried 10.9.3, but that didn't work either.
Windows 10 Home 1703
Premiere Pro 2017.1.2
Nvidia 388.43

Any ideas?

Re: Intensity Pro 4K not detected Win 10 but works with 14.1

PostPosted: Thu Nov 30, 2017 8:52 pm
by Bill Engeler
An update -

Installing Desktop Video 10.8.6 allows Premiere Pro to use the Intensity Pro, and it is seen correctly by the setup software. It doesn't work, however, with Resolve 14.1.1.

10.9.X will work with Resolve, but nothing else.