Video Assist and 480i support

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Henry Kompagnie

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Video Assist and 480i support

PostWed Dec 13, 2017 4:15 pm


I have a custom camera and Video Assist (actually twice!).
When connecting the SDI to a TDM-150W, it works fine and shows "487/60i" mode.
But, when connecting it to the Video Assist, the screen remains black.
Is there any way of configuring the Video Assist for specific SDI formats?

Henry Kompagnie.

Henry Kompagnie

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Re: Video Assist and 480i support (SMPTE 259M-C)

PostMon Jan 29, 2018 10:25 am

Hi all,

I still don't have a clue why the Video Assist (2x, not the 4K version) doesn't support my SMPTE 259M-C.

The camera is outputting SMPTE 259M-C, so 525 lines/720 pixels /486 lines/59.94i.

According the brochure, the Video Assist should support 525i59.94 NTSC, 625i50 PAL.
If I connect it to several other monitors, the SDI is working as expected.
(E.g. TV Logic TDM 150W, TV Logic LVM 071W, Panasonic monitor, ...)
But the Video Assist doesn't show anything with it.

I tried also to program a Raspberry Pi to 480i mode, which works fine on a dell monitor.
However, if I connect it through HDMI to the video assist, then the output is lost as
soon as the raspberry PI downscales tot the 480i mode.

Can anybody tell me what the real support is of these Video Assist monitors in the SD modes?

Why doesn't the Video Assist show any output if I'm using SMPTE 259M-C?
According the specifications, it should be able to do so.

Henry Kompagnie.
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Re: Video Assist and 480i support

PostWed Jan 31, 2018 1:11 pm

Hi Henry, ;)

It is known that the video assist is very picky on what it does and does not accept. But that does not change the fact that other monitors are able to show the signal and the VA is not...

I dont have my VA with me at the moment otherwise i could check it on a downscaled connection of the Teranex.
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