Video Assist Proxy Workflow Question

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Zack Williams

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Video Assist Proxy Workflow Question

PostFri Dec 15, 2017 6:04 pm

Hey guys,

My team and I recently bought the 5" Video Assist monitor in order to create a smooth raw footage workflow where Resolve links the Video Assist file with the .dng files based on starting timecode once the proxy cut needs to be transcoded back to raw. I know this is a somewhat common process when working with raw footage.

However, when I imported all of the footage into Resolve, the timecode for the two types of files are misaligned by a split second. For example: my one .dng file has a starting timecode of 21:16:21:03, while my Video Assist file has a timecode of 21:16:24:02. Because of this, Resolve will not allow my proxy timeline to transform back to the raw footage.

I was wondering if something went wrong with our execution or if maybe this workflow only works with the seven inch video assist monitor? Any info or advice would be much appreciated.

Luke Rutan

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Re: Video Assist Proxy Workflow Question

PostMon May 14, 2018 6:10 pm

I've had the exact same problem... Did you figure this out?

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