Alpha channel not working with clips from Fusion Connect

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Jules Bushell

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Alpha channel not working with clips from Fusion Connect

PostThu Jan 11, 2018 7:03 pm


In Resolve 14.2, I've created a Fusion Connect on a clip so that in Fusion I can use the Delta Keyer to remove green screen. From Fusion, I render to EXR format but Resolve does not recognise the alpha channel in the rendered clip. Hence in Resolve editor, my keyed out background is not transparent but black.

If I right click the rendered clip in Resolve, the clip attributes option is greyed out, hence stops me from changing the alpha mode to premultiplied. The workaround is to reimport this same rendered clip from media and then I am able to select clip attributes and change the alpha mode.

I found an old thread here with a promise from Blackmagic that this problem will be fixed:

Is this problem not fixed yet or have I done something obviously wrong?

Jules Bushell

Glenn Sakatch

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Re: Alpha channel not working with clips from Fusion Connect

PostSun Jan 14, 2018 4:55 pm

That does sound like a bug...I usually just send the bg over with the connect clip and do the comp inside of Fusion. If more color work might be needed, you might want to render out a separate matte pass that can be used in Resolve, importing it separately. But you have so much more control over your matte edges in Fusion than Resolve, I would recommend just doing the whole thing there.

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