Blackmagic UltraScope uninstall?

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Stephen Reizes

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Blackmagic UltraScope uninstall?

PostSun Jan 21, 2018 3:46 pm

Going through my apps I found Blackmagic UltraScope which crashes if I try to launch it. It's dated 2014, 9MB in size. Do I need this for my BMPCC, Ultra Studio Express, or Resolve? It seems I don't own any of the products associated with downloading a new version of this software. Should I uninstall? If so, other than deleting are there other components to be found and trashed?
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Colin Barrett

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Re: Blackmagic UltraScope uninstall?

PostWed Jan 24, 2018 8:48 am

I've found that Ultrascope causes problems if another Blackmagic application is open - ie: it won't work as it needs control of the input (in my case via Thunderbolt 2 from Teranex and Ultrastudio). Even though it could be an extremely useful utility for me unfortunately it creates too many problems so I've cleared it off those systems on which it was installed. The same for you. If you don't need it then ditch it.
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