No 60p from Decklink Duo 2

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James Wu

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No 60p from Decklink Duo 2

PostSun Jan 21, 2018 5:41 pm

I am trying to record multiple cameras at once into my computer at 1080p60. Currently I'm testing with only one camera. I've tried 4 softwares (including Media Express and Resolve) and only get picture if camera is set to 1080i. I've also tried plugging into an external monitor with SDI input and I get picture at 60p (59.94) just fine at all connection points, so the camera/cable is not the problem. Any help is appreciated.

Cameras: Sony a7 (currently testing), Sony a6000, Sony CX405
Kanex HDMI to SDI Converters
Comprehensive 50' 5-BNC cable
Decklink Duo 2
Intel Core i7 4790
MSi Radeon r9 280x

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