decklink studio 4k dual boot system question

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decklink studio 4k dual boot system question

PostSun Feb 11, 2018 11:42 pm

i've been starting to experiment with resolve for linux. until now i've used it on w10pro/64. my system is dual-boot. i have kingwin removable drive caddies so that i can, rather than having both os'es on a single drive, keep them separate, each on a dedicated drive that i can pop in/out when i want to make a change.

my normal operating setup is resolve on my w10pro/64 drive. everything seems to run well there. the issue i'm finding is that, when i switch to the centos drive to experiment with linux, i'm asked to install the decklink driver. that seems fine, generally, but when i go back to w10, i'm prompted to install the drivers for w10 again. this goes on every time i make the switch, which gets very tedious. is this normal behavior? shouldn't i be able to install the drivers once each and be done with it?


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