Issues after downloading Media Encoder 2018

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Issues after downloading Media Encoder 2018

PostFri Feb 16, 2018 2:25 pm

Hi. Ive been exporting as quicktime RGB10bit, RGB8bit, ARGB, BRGB in order to keep the colors they way they are, but 2 days ago I downloaded the new Media Encoder 2018 and now I cant convert any of these formats anymore. Its gets stuck on at the beginning and no error. Tries sizes of all sizes. Also rolled back to encoder 2017 but it doesnt work anymore.

Anything else I can do?
Or another format from davinci that doesnt alter the colors?
Exporting 3830x1600

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Re: Issues after downloading Media Encoder 2018

PostFri Feb 16, 2018 3:06 pm

If you want to keep RGB then you can use Cineform RGB- AME should be very happy with it.

It's strange as AME should support all of your mentioned formats natively.

I just tried RGB 10bit and it works kin AME 2018 no problem. I'm on Mac. If you are on PC you may need BM codecs, but I think it should be handled by AME natively.

Resolve doesn't shift colors with any of its export options as far as I can tell.

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