UltraStudio Express + FSI Monitor Frame Offset (lag)

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UltraStudio Express + FSI Monitor Frame Offset (lag)

PostMon Mar 12, 2018 11:28 am

Hey Dear Black Magic Community,
I bet this already has been discussed a few times, but I still couldn't find a solution (if there is any).

I have the Problem that my external Reference Monitor (a FSI CM250 connected to the UltraStudio Express) has about 2-4 Frames Delay from my Timeline. On my normal Monitor (in Adobe Premiere) the Video is perfect in Sync with the Audio, but on the Reference Monitor it felt off.

I already tried to play with the offset function in Adobe Premiere (where you can select which Monitor you want to use as a Reference Monitor) but that didint helped (or made it even worse).

Do I have to delay the Audio in order to get rid of the lag?

best wishes,

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