UltraStudio 4K HDMI in?

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UltraStudio 4K HDMI in?

PostMon Jul 02, 2018 3:42 am

Hey All,

My laptop has HDMI and a single Thunderbolt 3 port. I'm wanting to drive two monitors: One as reference in Resolve (1080) and one as simply edit (4K).
My Thunderbolt port is taking care of RAID I/O and I dont think you can daisy chain say a MiniMonitor so that rules Thunderbolt out.

So leaves me with HDMI as output only. Possible Solutions:

UltraStudio HD:
Laptop HDMI > HDMI to SDI Converter > UltraStudio HD Mini > SDI Out > SDI to HDMI converter > Reference Monitor (1080)
Then: UltraStudio HD Mini > HDMI Out > Edit Monitor (1080)

I noticed the UltraStudio 4K has a HDMI in. Can this be used as the primary input?
If so:

UltraStudio 4k:
Laptop HDMI > UltraStudio 4k > SDI to HDMI > Reference Monitor (1080)
Then UltraStudio 4k > HMDI Out > Edit Monitor (4K)

Are these feasible?


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