audio from HDMI with h.264 pro recorder

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audio from HDMI with h.264 pro recorder

PostMon Jul 16, 2018 4:29 am


I'm having an odd problem trying to record from a Sony HDV-FX7 video camera with HDV and Mini DV tapes.

I'm using the HDMI output from the camera into the HDMI input of the h.264 pro recorder while playing back the tapes from the camera. My h.264 pro recorder is not recognizing any audio at all.

The audio plays fine through the camera. The audio also plays perfectly when I attach the HDMI cable to my TV. The audio is also fine when I scan the tape directly via firewire (1394) connection to a firewire card equipped computer, BUT MY H.264 recorder is not seeing this audio at all.

Also when recording any other source via HDMI, composite video + audio, or the SDI input + audio, I have no problems at all.

I have years of experience with the pro recorder and this is the first time I've seen this. Could it be an audio codec problem, unique to the Sony HDV-FX7's audio file format?

Any help from forum users or Blackmagic Tech Support would be very much appreciated.

Thanks very much,

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