Intensity Shuttle Audio problem

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Intensity Shuttle Audio problem

PostThu Aug 02, 2018 8:35 pm

I am running 3/4" production tapes from a Sony Umatic SP deck. Video running through a TBC (RCA in -SVHS out) and audio coming out of three pin audio jacks from Umatic into RCA inputs on Intensity shuttle.
From there, digitizing as Apple pro res22 HQ via Thunderbolt into MacPro desktop (late 2013) and saving on external HD.
All was good for a while...

Audio peaks well above input levels on one channel to distortion level. Have tested playback etc and its recording that way.
If I put something in the RCA output jacks on the shuttle it might level out but not always.

Am now running audio through old Mackie mixer to try and compensate. Have many hours of tapes so don't want to waste time or ride the audio all the time. Any ideas on why this is happening?
Also, the shuttle gets REALLY HOT!!

I was thinking about getting the Terenex AV to replace all this equipment but don't know if it has TBC built in or if I will run into more problems. <--- just found out this doesn't do analog conversion
Any advice gratefully received.


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Re: Intensity Shuttle Audio problem

PostTue Aug 07, 2018 7:22 pm


I also have a Shuttle Thunderbolt and it also gets really REALLY hot. It can vary though. Sometimes when doing the same SD video capture/playback it can run to about 40C on top and 48C on the bottom by the label and 48C on some RCA sockets. But sometimes is gets into a high power mode where doing the same thing it can reach 50C on top, 58C on the bottom by the label and 60C on some RCA sockets.

I queried the support about it and they claimed it's normal! The unit works ok but can get hot enough to burn skin and melt the glue on the serial number label. Now it seems I'm not the only one so it's less likely to be a fault on just my example and it's not down to my Thunderbolt adapter.

So far it hasn't broken but I don't use it that much. Just for home video editing and audio capture.

I'm using it on a PC laptop with a Startech.Com Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) to Thunderbolt 2 adapter. It's interesting that the same thing happens on a Mac and with native Thunderbolt port.

I don't think it has a TBC as it wouldn't show stable video from a analogue Video8 tape via S-Video until I turned on the TBC function on the playback deck. I haven't tried from a normal VHS/Betamax deck yet.

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