Split a DNG file

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Split a DNG file

PostSat Nov 03, 2018 10:21 pm

I need to send RAW DNG files from my BMPCC to my Producer via Dropbox. Unfortunately some of the clips are 5-8 minutes long but the Producer only requires the last 30 seconds of the clip. So I have files that are about 15-20 GB each but could be significantly reduced if I could clip the DNG files.

Is there a way to clip a DNG file manually with out destroying it?

Or is it possible to export a RAW DNG file like the original file from Davinci Resolve?

Dan Swierenga

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Re: Split a DNG file

PostTue Nov 13, 2018 4:27 pm

The DNG files are video image sequences right? Each image sequence is 15-20 GB or each image?

If you want to do it in Resolve, you can edit the piece you need to a timeline, select the timeline and go to File->Media Management. Select Timelines from the icons on top. Set the location for your new files using Browse and select the option: Copy only used media. Hit the start button and Resolve will copy the just the files you need to your selected location.

That isn't really rendering your files, its just copying the piece of the original file that you need so it'll maintain all of the RAW aspects of your file without losing any quality or information. Does that answer your question?

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