HDR 10 file not showing correctly on Samsung

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Domingo Olmo Martin

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HDR 10 file not showing correctly on Samsung

PostMon Nov 05, 2018 10:31 am

This week I had to color grade a video on a Sony PVM 550X (400 nit) for a project that will be show on the new Samsung 8K television that is more than 1000 nit.

Color management in Resolve was set in :

Davinci YRGB color managed,
Use separate color space and gamma
input color space : bypass,
Timeline color space & output color space : Rec. 2020 - ST2084 300nit,
hdr mastering is for : 300 nits.

The color on the Sony were correct and showing a typical HDR image

I rendered an DNxHR 4k file in 444 in Resolve and compressed it in Adobe Media Encoder in HEVC with all the settings for HDR.

The problem is the HEVC video file is not played in HDR on the Samsung television.
If anyone as a solution, I will gladly take it.
Thanks in advance
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Andrew Kolakowski

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Re: HDR 10 file not showing correctly on Samsung

PostFri Nov 09, 2018 4:29 pm

Use correct encoding tool meaning x265 through ffmpeg or Hybrid. There is thread on this forum with all needed info.

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