Max optical thunderbolt 2 length - US4K

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Max optical thunderbolt 2 length - US4K

PostMon Nov 05, 2018 6:09 pm

Hi, new here, and couldn't find an answer to this question. I have a Mac Pro trashcan in an edit suite, and an UltraStudio 4K in a server room. They are connected via a 50' optical Thunderbolt 2 cable. The Mac sees the US4K, but no video is sent over the cable. I have read about people using a 10 meter cable. Is that the max length? Is there anything I am missing when using an optical cable?

As mentioned, the System Info on the Mac sees the unit, and that cable can connect the mac to a monitor over that distance, so I'm sure the cable works. Just not sending any video.

Thanks for any help on this.

As I've read in other posts, this is all in an attempt to get the loud fan out of the edit suite. Putting the Mac in the server room is not an option, as the monitors blink on and off ever few seconds while trying to send everything over that one cable. I am trying to send only the video from Resolve or Premiere over that cable.

It's not a case of resolution, it simply doesn't show up in the Desktop Video software.

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