Decklink mini monitor 4k, 10 bit rgb via HDMI

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Decklink mini monitor 4k, 10 bit rgb via HDMI

PostFri Nov 30, 2018 2:00 pm

Hello, I am planning which hardware to buy to build a small home color correction suite. So far my budget allows me to buy monitor, calibration probe and decklink mini monitor 4k card (I am already have decent mac pro computer). The monitor I am currently thinking about is HP dreamcolor z27x. The thing is, I am seeing scraps of the information here and there that I can’t have 10 bit signal via HDMI because it only supports 10 bit RGB, not YUV. I don’t know if I am duplicating the old discussion but I didn’t find this problem solved by anybody in the forum (neither in other web pages). As stated in tech specs, HDMI in mini monitor 4K supports 10 bit output and 4:4:4 signal. No info if it is RGB or YUV. HDMI 2.0 standard seems to able to handle 10 bit 4:4:4 RGB. HDMI in in z27x however is 1.4, and here I can't understand, is it going to prevent 10 bit signal at all or not, or somehow will degrade it.

The thing is that I don't have budget for HDMI to displayport solutions and need to figure out what to expect. If I will be able for 4K grading in 8 bit and HD in 10, it is ok for me, if this limitation is not going to influence color reproduction on the monitor. Can somebody clarify, give me an advice or add something to that? Am I missing something?
Also I thought if it will work: To have an SDI signal out of the decklink and put it through Blackmagic mini converter SDI to HDMI to have 10 bit on 4K with HDMI cable?

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Re: Decklink mini monitor 4k, 10 bit rgb via HDMI

PostFri Nov 30, 2018 11:01 pm

It's sounds strange that z27x supports only 10bit as RGB. I was never a fan of HP monitors.

You may want to read this: ... 772/page-2

Another issue is HDMI out out of most BM devices- somehow this always causes issues with many devices.

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