EBU R.103 - Waveform and Vectorscope

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Dale Cooper XIX

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EBU R.103 - Waveform and Vectorscope

PostWed Jan 16, 2019 8:01 am

Hello all !
Hope you're well.

There is my problem.

I work in a post house, where we have a kind of pre QC lab. We check all files with a BlackMagic SmartViewDuo.
In order of a TV diffusion in several countries, we try to be the more and large broadcast possible. So we are focus on the EBU-R103 (2016). We deliver a Master and not a Ready to Broadcast.

Since a lot, we check with two tools:
- Waveform
- Vectorscope 75%
I know that this isn't the perfect scope and tools combination. However, currently, we can only do that.
Do you know if there is a good method with these two tools?

For example:
Yesterday, i had a problem with a shot.
On my vectorscope, RED was beyond the 75% target. However, on my Waveform, the global signal was great, near 100IRE (700mV).
What is the conclusion? Is it broadcast?

With the SmartScope Duo, i can use the Waveform, the Vectorscope, the RGB Parade, the YUV Parade, ant the Histogram. Do you have a perfect method with these scopes?

I'm starting to be desperate for not finding the solution. I feel like everyone got his own idea of the topic...

Thanks a lot !!! :)

Annaël Beauchemin

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Re: EBU R.103 - Waveform and Vectorscope

PostWed Jan 16, 2019 9:05 pm

I've just read the R.103 recommandation.

The document basically says that a waveform or vectorscope are no longer relevant and that digital signals allows for more tolerance.

Filtering of the signal is important when calculating min/max and I'm pretty sure that the SmartView is not compliant to the R.103 recommandations anyway.

The way you could use your scopes would be to look for blatant excursions of the signal. If you want something more precise, you could use an online service, but that would be a waste of time and money: broadcasters are much less strict than they were before with video signal specs. All the small overshoots and undershoot should be clipped automatically by their expensive signal limiters.

So I would advise to concentrate on the visual QC more than on the technical part of it.

Dermot Shane

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Re: EBU R.103 - Waveform and Vectorscope

PostWed Jan 16, 2019 10:26 pm

Drastic offers a reasonably priced 4k HDR scope with error logging

an older pc (in my case an unused z400) + Decklink 4k recorder + software was under $1k

https://www.drastic.tv/productsmenu-56/ ... nt/4kscope

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