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DeckLink Mini Monitor 4K Several Lag in Premiere Pro

PostPosted: Thu Jan 24, 2019 12:41 pm
by Bear Notch
I set up a Decklink Min Monitor 4k to a reference monitor and it works great in Resolve. However when I go over to Premiere and set it up, no matter what combination of settings I have tried applying I get horrendously slow lag in my playback. I cant spend 8 hours a day waiting 2-4 seconds for my work to start playing. The decklink lists Premiere Pro as a supported product, but this is unusable in this state. Any magic tricks for this?

I have tried different monitors to output to, same problem, I checked my system audio files to make sure it is not on black magic, and went through all of the preference tabs that refer to it inside premiere....

Anyone getting this product to do as advertised?

Win 10
16 core amd
64 gb ram
gtx 1080 ti