Multiview 4 HD not found?

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Multiview 4 HD not found?

PostSat Jan 26, 2019 6:45 pm

Hi there,

Just purchased a BM Multiview 4 HD to use on my three camera C300 shoots with my trusty JVC 17" LCD monitor (DT-V17L3D).

The JVC won't accept the 1080p/60 default signal from the MultiView 4 HD, so I need to get into the BM MultiView software to try and switch it to 1080i/50.

I've downloaded the software, and have now tried on 3 different Mac laptops (two using USB-C to USB-3 cables, and one using a USB-C to USB-C cable, and just get "No MultiView Found - Check that your multi-view is connected properly"

I rang UK Tech Support but they couldn't help and said maybe it's a faulty unit...

Is there a trick to this? I'm using USB-C adaptors to get into the device, but I know they normally work, so a bit baffled!


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