How I got my Intensity Pro in an ITX mobo with a GPU

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How I got my Intensity Pro in an ITX mobo with a GPU

PostThu Jun 13, 2019 10:51 pm

I've had my Intensity Pro for almost 10 years now, and hadn't used it for a couple of years since I swapped to a Mini-ITX PC build and the only PCI-E slot on the motherboard was in use by my GPU. I've been having the urge to do some game console capture again recently and thought there must be a way to get it working... I investigated USB 3 to PCI-E but I don't think that can actually work, there seems to be no products. However I suddenly remembered my motherboard had a Wifi/Bluetooth chip, which was plugged into a Mini PCI-E port!

I had a search and found, so I decided to give it a go. I hooked it all up, giving it power from a floppy connector (Mini PCI-E only provides 3.3V and while I couldn't find any information for the Intensity Pro I assume it needs the 12V that a regular PCI-E slot can provide), plugged the Intensity Pro in and booted to Windows, and sure enough in Device Manager I could see "Multimedia Video Controller" listed under other devices. I installed Desktop Video, and everything seemed fine. I dropped my Switch down to 720p and plugged it in, but the first thing I got was a weird flashing and the Desktop Video Setup program was showing the input coming on and off rapidly. At this point I thought maybe the adapter didn't provide enough bandwidth... But I tried a second HDMI cable, which gave me nothing what-so-ever. At this point I was sure it wouldn't work, but I tried a third and it worked perfectly.

Currently the Intensity Pro is sat awkwardly on top of my case but I'll try and get it inside at some point, with just 2 HDMI cables coming out the back of my case.

Pics below:


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