Media Express Recording Issues

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Media Express Recording Issues

PostFri Jun 14, 2019 9:40 am

Hope I'm posting this in the right place...


I've been having some issues with Blackmagic Media Express in our set up. So our current workflow is to use the ATEM Television Studio to capture live interviews with people all around the world. We use 2 Blackmagic Studio Cameras to film the interview, and our guests use Zoom - a video conferencing app - on a laptop, which feeds into the ATEM.

We're capturing the recording via Media Express. When it's capturing video, it seems to be cutting out a few frames of both video and audio, causing a popping noise where it's putting the two frames together. It also becomes impossible to sync the video with recorded backup audio, as they don't match.

Our set up:
2 Blackmagic Studio Cameras
ATEM Television Studio Pro
Laptop using Media Express and Atem Switcher: HP Omen, i7 2.20GHz 16GB RAM

Wondering whether it could be an issue with the laptop or the actual software. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the help!

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