H.264 Recorder - Dropped frames

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H.264 Recorder - Dropped frames

PostSat Jun 22, 2019 12:45 pm

am using media express and h.264 pro recorder to capture and record old videos. I use a camera or a connected by composit directly to the device. When media express detects any dropped frames a message : https://w ww.mediafire.com/view/w5ianb8mayh3kk0/Zrzut_ekranu_%2876%29.png/file
I've tried running the signel thru a mixer, but after it's been thru it, the video starts going darker and flashing, so it doesn't seem to be the way to go.
2nd problem is that when a video is cut/there's a transition on the tape this happens and stays:
https://w ww.mediafire.com/view/g5195q50c282q5b/Zrzut_ekranu_%2877%29.png/file
Thank you for all and every support.

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