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BMPCC 4k Corrupt Files

PostPosted: Mon Jun 24, 2019 8:46 pm
by mikbrad
Hey all! I own the BMPCC 4k and recently did a shoot where a majorty of the clips were corrupted when I went to back everything up to my PC.

I'm in the processing of ruling things out (faulty USB ejection from PC, camera power supply issue, faulty SD card, etc) but I wanted to hit up the forum to see if anyone was experiencing something similar to me in the meantime.

I was using the BMPCC 4k with an OEM LP-E6 and a Lexar 256GB 1667x SD card while shooting 1080p 60fps Prores 422. I've included a sample photo of the problem I'm experiencing. The first 26 clips out of 50 were corrupt. The rest were fine.

I've already cut my losses on fixing this footage and am just looking to prevent this from happening in the future. Any help is greatly appreciated!!