suddenly scrambled sound via hdmi embed

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suddenly scrambled sound via hdmi embed

PostFri Aug 09, 2019 9:23 pm

Until today I worked for the past years with no problem via a Sony J3 Player (both digital and analog Betacam) and with my BM mini converter SDI to 'HDMI out' and via 'HDMI in' into my Intensity Pro Card (original). Then captured via Magix Pro X 7. No Problems!....Until today! ((This on Windows 7 i7 64 bit) ..I decided to try for once and connect to the analog audio out (from my J3) into the analog audio in of the Intensity Pro card. And switched in my audio source (in Black Magic Design as well as my Magix capture software) to that. That also worked, although got the idea it was a 'little over steering' (maybe just imagination) anyway I went back to disconnect and set things back to 'hdmi' / hdmi embed etc' From there on I got a weird scrambled 'sqeeking' sound and 'no sound volume' on my meters at all. Then I thought it maybe a Magix problem so tried to record in VLC ..same thing ; scrambled sound! So I connected the HDMI cable from the BM card directly to an HDMI port of my TV (to check it wasn't my Sony J3 Player or my mini SDI to HDMI converter : Perfect sound and video on my TV. So it must be a problem now with my Intensity Pro Card I guess? I started to update my firmware and went up to 10.3 / 10.7 same result (sqeeky sounds-scrambled sound) went back to older firmware and is now at
I also update my firmware (just for the sake of it) of my Realtek HD Audio tot the latest version.
I already changed HDM cables and BCN/SDI cables just to test but it didn't help.
Anybody any idea what it is or what I have 'destroyed' here by just switching around the audio connections.

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