Intensity Pro HDMI embedded audio distortion

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Intensity Pro HDMI embedded audio distortion

PostTue Aug 13, 2019 6:37 pm

Hello everyone,
I am using the following setup to capture old Hi8 tapes:

Hi8 camcorder ---(S-Video + RCA stereo)---> Panasonic DMR-EH495, 576i50 ---(HDMI)---> HDMI Splitter (to remove HDCP) ---(HDMI)---> Intensity Pro, Media Express 3.6 625i50PAL (Linux, Fedora 30, Desktop Video 11.3)

At first everything worked fine except recording embedded HDMI audio. I set the correct capture options with Desktop Video Setup. The audio was severely distorted ( Sample recording of distorted audio, 1MB FLAC file: ). Next I connected a TV behind the HDMI splitter and could hear distortion-free audio, both with PCM and downsampled PCM options for digital audio of the Panasonic DMR-EH495 recorder. I tried Desktop Video 11.3 and 11.2. I tried three HDMI cables. I tried different audio inputs of the panasonic. I tried hotplugging the HDMI cables, rebooting the Panasonic recorder and my computer. I used my phone as an audio source. I played a DVD. Everything worked with the TV and always getting distorted audio with the Intensity Pro. I gave up for that day.

On the second day, to my surprise, the distortion was simply gone. I could not reproduce the audio glitch – every capture with the Intensity Pro was flawless.

Problem solved? Not yet. On the third day, the distortion was back. I did not change anything since it worked the day before. Honestly, I have no clue why it worked fine on the second day or why the glitch is back now.

Has anyone experienced similar problems or any advice for troubleshooting?

Have a nice and glitch-free day

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