Is my monitor set up too simple? What am I missing?

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Is my monitor set up too simple? What am I missing?

PostSat Sep 07, 2019 3:55 am

Hi there,

I recently hired an Eizo ColorEdge Color Accurate monitor (CS2730) to connect to my MacBook Pro (Radeon Pro 560 / 4096 MB / Intel HD Graphics630 / 1536 MB) ... simply via a HDMI cable.

I'm currently running DaVinci Resolve Studio 16 Public Beta. I haven't changed any of the preferences or project settings but simply gone to the timeline menu > workspace > full screen viewer on > "display 2".

And now it appears like I can work in resolve on my laptop (for the controls) and glance back and forth to the Eizo monitor (the grade) and know that I can trust that what I'm grading is what I'm going to get as the end result when I upload for youtube.

Also the Eizo monitor is calibrated.

Is it really this simple? I see lots of posts and youtube tutorials about needing a "decklink" and/or a "BM card"... But all I have is a HDMI cable and it seems to be working fine. Am I missing anything?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


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