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We need an audio/video clock that automatically detects an incoming format/framerate and toggles to the relevant video ref output.
Small local box like the mini converter sync generator, only that it would also have to output wordclock for the audio hardware.

As more and more of my facilities (that i support) have suites working in different framerates, suite 1 doing dialog on a film in 1080P24, suite 2 is mixing a 25frame commercial etc..
One master clock is not enough. Having a nanosync sitting in each room is to expensive. they either forget to select the relevant timecode or cant figure out how.

This device would sell loads. today i would quote 18pcs. tomorrow, who knows.. 20 more... :-)

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Re: Clock

PostFri Sep 13, 2019 6:19 am

Throw an Avid/Pro Tools Sync HD box in every room, and that should do the job. Every Pro Tools room I know of in LA has one of these (or an equivalent), and these are typically in the $2K price range. That's pretty much the best, most reliable, and most accurate wordclock generator I know of.
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