problem with video and audiio blocks dissapearing when scrol

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Richard S Smith

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problem with video and audiio blocks dissapearing when scrol

PostFri Aug 11, 2017 11:38 pm

Dell Precision m6800 i7
Quadro k4100m
Win 10
D.R. BETA 14.0.0b.043
link to video: s eiuy0d0w6j2ff51 DAVINCI.MOV?dl=0

basically when I scroll down to see video or audio tracks in the timeline windows.... the blocks disappear. They stay hidden even when I release the scroll bar and reappear only when I scroll back up.
Please see video.
Not sure if this a known prob or if I have missed something but makes it a no go to get work done....
I don't remember this happening with 12.5 however its been a few months since I used it.
Also I was running the video off an external spinning drive so was not expecting good playback, I was just lining up the files to check if I had all the duration of the show, ready to copy over to a new drive... ( which is not done yet).
Fairly sure its not the drive however..... as after allowing some time the blocks did not re-appear.


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