Clip fade up alpha Edit to Fusion

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Clip fade up alpha Edit to Fusion

PostMon Apr 23, 2018 1:17 am

I don't understand what's happening here but it doesn't seem ideal...

If you have a Fusion Clip with several items in the Edit page track, they all go into Fusion very well, including any dissolves between clips, which is great. However when you have a clip on say V2 and it has a dissolve which fades it up or down from blank video, that works on the Edit page but not so well once in Fusion - the alpha remains there irrespective of the dissolve so you actually end up with black video merged over your V1 and then the black fades to the V2 video. I assumed that the dissolve in the Edit page would be controlling the alpha of that MediaIn node in Fusion but it doesn't.

Is this a bug? What's happening on the Edit page to fade the V2 up?

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