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Peter Chamberlain

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Re: MXF Media Offline Davinci 15

PostThu Jul 12, 2018 6:17 am

From your test, its clear you will need the Studio version for some files to be decoded.
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Al Slamecka

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Re: MXF Media Offline Davinci 15

PostThu Jul 12, 2018 1:51 pm

Peter Chamberlain wrote:There are many codec variants used in the MXF/QT container and we do what we can to support them. However for some of these clips, I can confirm you are going to need the Studio version if using v15. I don't expect this will change anytime soon.

Thanks Peter.

I understand supporting all variants is challenging but it's harder to understand why previously supported 8-bit MXF/QT container variants in earlier free versions of Resolve would not be supported in Resolve 15 free.

It's some consolation that the test file I sent Dwaine works in Resolve 15 Studio but I can't justify buying Studio when it will be included in the new BMPC 4K I pre-ordered. Until then (hopefully Fall as stated at NAB), I'm back to FCP which natively supports the JVC LS-300 without conversion to MXF.

Guessing it's too much to ask for native support for the LS-300 for the same reasons you mentioned :)

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