R16b2 - remove subclip limits audio oddity

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Trevor Asquerthian

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R16b2 - remove subclip limits audio oddity

PostWed May 22, 2019 12:46 pm

I created subclips in the media browser, assembled them into a timeline and trimmed them for content.

#1 - When adding transitions I got the 'insufficient handles' message. Which is strange because it should really shorten the transition to match the media that is there. (It does this when dragging transition from effects library).

I then right clicked on the subclip to 'edit subclip' and 'use full clip extents'.

#2 - This killed the waveforms (is there a 'generate waveform' like PP?).

#3 - On one occasion the audio disappeared entirely, on another the audio playing on the timeline did not match the original edit (e.g. there was audio playing where there was no clip on the timeline).

Undo was my friend.

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