16.1.1 Waveforms don't draw if file & project rate mismatch?

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16.1.1 Waveforms don't draw if file & project rate mismatch?

PostWed Nov 06, 2019 7:44 pm

Project is stuck in 48K because its legacy and huge

This particular TL was imported from FCP X rough cut for finishing in R

Tl is 1080p23.976
camera clips are mix of 1080 and 2K C300-2 MXF at various speeds - 30 thru 96 fps. These clips have had sound removed if it was even there since it was junk.

I added a music track thats been mastered at 96K 24bit.
track plays fine but doesn't draw waveform.

I toggled around between panels with no luck. Then I toggle between TL's on Edit panel and a previous TL mixing 96K and 48K shows waveforms. Went back to Imported TL and now magically its displaying waveforms. Fixed for the moment but maybe in clue in fixing this ?

For those also experiencing no waveform problems do the clip(s) causing problems mis match your TL like CD tracks at 44.1 ?

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