The Fairlight tab problems and some ideas.

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The Fairlight tab problems and some ideas.

PostFri May 25, 2018 6:07 pm

I have been having problems using FX on clips where the settings are not being processed all the time when playing back. Also adding an effect is causing some undesirable side effects that are also appearing on the delivery render.

For instance the vocal channel sometimes stops working until a restart of DR 15 beta3. This catches me out a lot of the time when I have then gone on to make clip volume changes in the inspector which have then been too quiet after a restart when the vocal channel has been processing again.

The Noise Reduction FX is not usable because if I add a fade in or fade out I can hear a quick burst of sound before the clip starts. On fade outs something is going on too.

Moving clips up and down to different tracks mostly will freeze DR15 and then it just disappears and I have to restart the software. My work around is to switch to the edit tab and unlink the audio and then move the audio clip before returning into Fairlight. The problem working like this is I keep forgetting and if I haven't saved I have been losing the last 5 minutes of my edits.

While I am talking about moving things, it would save so much time if we could click and drag a track to change its order instead of clicking the track, select move up click it again and click move up and on and on until it's at the correct position.

Copy and pasting audio and even cross-fadeing isn't working in Fairlight. I have to again go to the edit tab to work on these. This can be quite frustrating when working with a crossfade as I don't need to change the picture only the audio.

I haven't found this feature yet so I am guessing it's not implemented but having the ability to duplicate an audio track with all its effects EQ and so on would be very useful. Alternatively copy and pasting the mixers tracks or being able to save and load mixer track settings would achieve the same results. This is something that Cubase-Nuendo can do and it's a big time saver.

I have posted this before but any pop out windiw, FX VST, EQ and video monitor get lost behind the 2nd screen in a two screen setup. This happens as soon as a mouse is clicked anywhere on the second screen. The only way to get them back again is to open the edit tab and the reopen the Fairlight tab. My only workaround is to have any open window slightly overlapping into the left monitor so when it disappears I can still see it's edge so allowing me to click it to the front again. Not sure if this is only a window 10 problem or if it's happening on Mac and Linux too. Quite slot of software allows the user to right click on floating windows and select always on top as an option.

I haven't had time to look at mixer automation in this beta but
in the previous version I couldn't find a way to visually edit the automation to make minor changes, this is something that can speeds up sound design by quite a lot.
Thank you


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