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Rodrigo Silvestri

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Resolve 15 Feedback Notes

PostSat May 26, 2018 7:23 am

I'm a film-advert colorist based in Buenos Aires. I've been using Resolve since 2011 and I've always been in contact with the support team, but they encouraged me to post my feedback in the forum so here it is. I'm really excited for this new release, I'm seeing a lot of great changes and even some things I've been asking for years!

First I'll mention things that I feel should be different, like bugs or details that don't make sense. Then I'll put some ideas for new features.


- Middle click doesn't copy the grades from the new Timeline gallery view.
This has worked forever for copying a grade from another clip on the thumbnail timeline or from a gallery still, so I feel it's inconsistent that it doesn't work the same way for the new Timeline gallery view. Also, it's missing the options to wipe the clip. I think it should work more like the thumbnails in the color timeline, with the option to wipe the clip, and also with click and hold (scroll) to change the displayed frame.

- Linked nodes indicator! I love the idea of linked nodes. I always work with linked remote versions and also with groups (pre-clip-post), and I'm definitely going to use the linked nodes, probably to replace groups (which are kind of limiting by being only before/after the clip's grade). The linked nodes have a great potential since you can decide to put them in different orders for each clip, maybe in one clip use a correction before the linked node and in another clip use a different correction after the node. But there's an important thing about remote versions and groups that I think is lacking on linked nodes: An icon to indicate which other clips use this node. There's a pink icon for remote versions and a green icon for grouped clips, so it's easy to see in the timeline which clips you're affecting. When you select a clip with a linked node (or maybe when you select the node), there should be an icon displayed in the clip thumbnails (the same cyan icon that appears over the node?) that indicates which clips are connected with this same node, so you can unlock it and modify it without fear.
There should also be clip filters for this.

- Now that the nodes have been redesigned, I think they could show more icons (the small ones on the bottom that indicate which parameters have been modified in each node). If the nodes are too small the icons are rapidly cropped and after more than three icons.
Also, when hovering with the mouse over this small icons sections, they could expand and show all the icons for that node (I know there's already the popup text that shows when you leave the mouse on top of a node, but there's a small wait, it could be faster and snappier with no wait).

(edited) - FCPXMLs with retimes still create compound clips with locked resolution. Final Cut Pro X creates compound clips for every retime and/or composition made in the software. These compound clips are imported in Resolve with a fixed resolution matching the media file that was loaded in the FCPX project. More than frequently the DITs create low res proxies and the editors only work with these proxies, so when we import the FCPXMLs in Resolve many clips have this limited resolution problem. We can relink them manually to the camera files but it's more work for the online editor. It also complicates things if we're using remote versions for linking grades.
This problem can be improved if the proxies are generated inside FCPX or if the editor reconnects all the media to the original footage before exporting the FCPXML (so the compound clips are still there but they're in the original res), but it's not a solution that works for everyone. We're encountering this issue very often and we're trying to teach people to avoid this from happening, but I think Resolve has to improve the compatibility for these files.

- Grading versions changes popup confirmations.
Some actions in Resolve are not undoable, like changing grading versions, and this is OK for me, but there are some items in the drop down menu of the Clips thumbnails that can cause irreparable damage if clicked by mistake.
In the same way that the "Delete all versions" option asks for confirmation, these items should ask too:
Copy Remote Grades to Local
Copy Local Grades to Remote
Use Local Grades
Use Remote Grades
Delete Unused Versions

- Undo/Redo, switch version lose source cache (now "Fusion Output" cache)
Before, applying a grade to a clip would result in losing the source cache (it shows up in red and has to render again). This was fixed.
But still, switching versions or pressing undo/redo cause the same effect, even on clips with no raw settings.

- Media Manager limits frame handles to 99 (Why?).

- Clip filters:
Clips with No marker (there's clip with no flag)
Modified clips in "Last 12 hours" (come on, half of the times I'm looking for the changes done today, 6 hours might be too short if it is late and 24 hours probably shows clips I graded yesterday).
Clips with Edit Sizing.
Clips with node keyframes.
Clips with no groups.
Clips under Timeline marks.
If it gets too large, it could have an option to hide/organize filters.

- Render Job label text field:
The render job names are cropped before filling less than half of the line. You can hardly write two words in it without it being croped and there's a lot of space to the right.

- Gallery stills cannot be viewed in Box mode, when selecting this mode they show full frame.

- Import Stills Option Button:
Since Resolve 14 the file browser that opens when importing stills on OSX doesn't show the list of formats right away as it did before, it has a new Options button that shows that old pull-down menu. Since most of the times we're importing formats other than DPX, I feel it is totally unnecessary to hide that option.

- Export stills with label as name: There are new options to automatically set the stills label when capturing the stills, and this is fantastic for working inside Resolve, but these names could be added to the file names when exporting the stills.

- Export Stills overwriting each other: If I capture the first still from different timelines in the same stills page, they'll all be named 1.1.1, when exporting them they are overwritten by the next one so only one is exported. Adding the labels to the name could improve this but I think Resolve should recognize this and add some kind of extra number for these cases.

- Scroll bar mouse precision: The scroll bars inside Resolve are thin, and I like them that way, but sometimes when they're too close to a resizeable border, the actual area in which the scroll bar can be clicked to scroll is even thinner. This is generally not a problem when using a mouse with a scroll wheel, but with a graphic tablet I'm always trying to grab the scroll bars. I suffer it the most in the Project Settings window, when you click the center of the bar it's actually trying to resize the width of the window (which is fixed, btw), so I have to click almost on the left side of the bar (even outside of the bar) to actually grab it and scroll.
I have a button for scrolling with the pen and it works great for zooming the viewer, but it's laggy in most of the rest of the software.


- Maybe Shift + middle click could append the nodes? (for gallery stills, LUTs and also timeline gallery stills).

- Clip filter shortcuts: There are some clip filters that I use frequently, like the one to show the clips with common source file. There could be an option to create a user shortcut (a keyboard shortcut? maybe a button next to the Clips button?)

- Add better playback options to Color page, like Play around to current clip, or setting in and out and playing around in/out. I like to use this tools but it's kind of a hassle to go back and forth between the Edit and Color pages.

- Export Stills should remember the last picture format used.
+ It could have an option to open the folder right after the stills are exported.
+ It could have an option disable exporting the DRX files.

That's all for now. Feel free to comment and make recommendations if you can think of any.

Rodrigo Silvestri

Rodrigo Silvestri

  • Posts: 11
  • Joined: Wed Aug 22, 2012 4:40 am

Re: Resolve 15 Feedback Notes

PostMon May 28, 2018 7:15 pm

Just remembered two things that I might have reported earlier but I think deserve attention:

- If you add a grade to a whole timeline creating a node in the Timeline mode and then insert that first timeline into a second timeline as a compound clip, the Timeline grade is not maintained.

- Enabling Collaboration mode disables all playback proxies. I haven't tested this in v15 because I don't intend to upgrade our main facility to v15 before a stable release, but if this problem persists I think it should be resolved. We use many computers connected to shared storages which contain the media and the proxies, so I don't see a reason to disable the proxies in collaboration mode.


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