Resolve media management caused data levels error (XAVC)

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Resolve media management caused data levels error (XAVC)

PostMon Jul 22, 2019 2:13 am

I just encountered a bug in R16b6. Not sure if it's new or old. It's easy to reproduce:

1) Create a project and import a piece of Canon XF-AVC Intra footage (mine are from C300)
2) Edit a portion of that media into a timeline
3) Media-manage (copy) that timeline, trimming (with handles) to a new location
4) Import the copy into your Resolve project and compare the two ungraded pieces of media

Expected: They will be identical
Actual: The trimmed media appears darker

I was able to figure out more precisely why: The original shows "Canon XF-AVC Intra" as the codec, and the data levels, when set to Auto, are Full. The trimmed clip shows "XAVC", and the data levels default to Video. If I manually change the data levels to Full for the trimmed clip, the two match again.

This bug is pretty maddening when you've already does a base grade on a show and then media manage. Suddenly your footage is all darker! Fortunately, it's an easy workaround now that I know.

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