Hyperdeck Studio, red blink light, unknown reason

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Hyperdeck Studio, red blink light, unknown reason

PostFri Aug 10, 2018 8:38 am

edit: I wrote that the area around the slot for the SSD disk is blinking. It is not blinking. The REC button is blinking. Sorry...

Hi all. I have strange problem with my Hyperdeck Studio recorder and I can't figure out what's causing it, because I'm 95% sure it is not the Hyperdeck. I will try to explain.

When you insert SSD disk, the light around it flashes green for few seconds, then goes out. When you start recording, it starts "rotating" in red color. Sometimes it starts blinking really fast. According to the manual, it could be problem with the disk or the disk doesn't meet the speed requirements. But I use these disks also in our mobile broadcasting system (with another hyperdeck, the same model) and there are no troubles. Both hyperdecks are with same settings.

The first time I saw this, was when I had to restart one computer, during live broadcast. This computer has all the software controls for the equipment we use in the studio - ATEM 1m/e, hyperdeck, smart videohub 12x12. The computer and all the other devices are connected to network switch.
The video signals go to the ATEM switcher, then I have PGM signal to the videohub and then there is signal going to different devices, including 2 hyperdecks. Also, the multiview output from the ATEM switcher goes to the videohub and then to one big led screen in the control room. When I restarted the computer everything blinked for a moment. I can't say if there was a blink on air, but all the devices (some of their control lights) blinked and also the hyperdeck that was recording, started blinking fast. I was afraid the recording is damaged, so I started recording on the second hyperdeck (it also gets PGM signal through the videohub). When everything was over, I took the 2 recordings - the one from the main hyperdeck (that was blinking after the restart) wasn't damaged. I also compared it with the other recording (that I started after restarting the computer). I didn't see any problem.

My thought was that restarting the computer somehow messes with the network, or maybe the BlackMagic software does something to the devices. So I changed the configuration - all the BM software was removed from that computer. Hyperdecks were disconnected from the network (I don't need to control them by the software anyway). ATEM switcher and Videohub are still connected to the network but their software is moved to another computer - we don't restart that computer, or at least not during broadcast. But there is another problem - the computer that had to be restarted (see the above) - it has playout software that plays videos on air, when we are not doing live broadacast. This computer is equiped with BM decklink videocard. The outputs of the card also go to the videohub and of course this computer is also connected to the network (as mentioned before). So, during live broadcast, we still restart this computer. Sometimes the hyperdeck starts blinking when we are restarting.
Long story - short: this computer no longer controls Videhub and Atem switcher, but is still connected to the same network like them. I have the feeling (I may be wrong of course), that when we are restarting, the computer messes up the network somehow and thus interferes with the videohub and ATEM work. And this could cause dropped frames, which could cause the hyperdeck to blink.

I just did something and I hope it will give me an answer. I connected one of the PGM outputs of the ATEM switcher to one SDI distributor. Two of the outputs go to two hyperdeck (the studio one, that blinks and the one from our mobile system). Thus I avoided the videohub. In two days we will have live broadcast. During that live brooadcast the playout computer will be restarted. I want to see if there will be any problem, if the signal doesn't go through the videohub.

I hope you can give me advices on that matter. If the videohub has problem with the network, I think we can disconnect it - we have control panel, so I think we can connect it straight to the videohub, without connecting it to the network. Of course, the ATEM switcher could also be affected by the network. But I can't disconnect it - for that device we don't have external controler, so we control it by the ATEM software control - it is on computer we use for other work too and it has to be connected to the network.

Thanks in advance for any advises.

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