Xtouch Mini DSK Auto Script Command?

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Kevin Copeland

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Xtouch Mini DSK Auto Script Command?

PostFri Feb 01, 2019 6:37 pm


I just installed a Behringer Xtouch Mini controller to use as an ATEM hardware control panel with Ian Morrish's exe. (Love it Ian! Thanks for doing this.)

But I want to assign a button to fade up DSK 1.

I can edit the XTouchMini.json file to modify buttons, but don't know the correct script for Downstream Keyer parameters.

The default button code is this:

"Mode": "Script",
"KeyID": 45,
"Command": " ",
"Script": "$me[0].Program=8",
"Caption": "Reset",
"Description": "Cut 8"

Would I change the "Script" to something like this?

"Script": "$dsk[0].DownstreamKeyAuto(0)",

I don't know how to find the parameters/commands for ATEM actions. I don't even know if I'm saying this correctly since I know very little about programming.

Does anyone know?

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Thomas Seewald

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Re: Xtouch Mini DSK Auto Script Command?

PostSun Feb 03, 2019 1:47 pm

Ian wrote at his page

https://ianmorrish.wordpress.com/2018/1 ... XxowCH4O1o

„You can assign this command to a button with the next version.
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Roman Pytkin Pekarek

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Re: Xtouch Mini DSK Auto Script Command?

PostMon Feb 11, 2019 4:43 pm

Im using Xtouch mini with Just Macros .. Really good combination .. But looking for something on MAC ..

Ian Morrish

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Re: Xtouch Mini DSK Auto Script Command?

PostMon Feb 11, 2019 5:41 pm

If you get the latest version from https://ianmorrish.wordpress.com/2018/11/13/xtouch-mini-atem-controller/ then you can edit the JSON file to add the command Thomas mentions to any button.
I'm just working on making the LED feedback more assignable to display different states.

Thanks for trying out the software.
Ian Morrish
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