ATEM TV Studio-Avid Media Composer Conflict

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ATEM TV Studio-Avid Media Composer Conflict

PostTue Sep 18, 2012 11:42 pm

We record a weekly talk radio show using Avid Media Composer 5.5 on a Mac Pro....we convert the analog studio audio signal to SDI and capture it live using the Avid Mojo DX i/o box..

Our client wants to start recording some of the radio interviews with 3 cameras and uploading them to their Youtube account.

We've borrowed a colleague's ATEM TVS...we installed the software on the same Mac Pro with the Avid MC 5.5 software and we've successfully hooked up the ATEM TVS...connected some cameras and made some successful test recordings.

Our planned workflow was to use the ATEM TVS whenever the client wanted to record an interview for Youtube....quit the ATEM software open the Avid MC software and import the h264 file generated from the ATEM into the Avid to edit the audio and continue with the radio recordings through the Mojo DX.

We've made some successful test recordings...but the problem arises when we shut down the ATEM TVS software and open the Avid software. Avid opens but the Mojo DX is not recognized unless you uninstall the ATEM software. Simply disconnecting the ATEM box from the computer via ethernet and USB and restarting the computer won't do actually have to uninstall the ATEM software before Avid is able to recognize the Mojo DX.

Does anyone know would be causing this? Could it be that ATEM TVS and Avid with Mojo DX cannot be installed on the same computer? I should mention that if I want to use Avid MC to capture video or audio directly through a firewire deck (bypassing Mojo DX) while ATEM TVS is installed but not running...everything the two software programs appear to work on the same computer...but that changes when you want to capture in Avid with Mojo DX.

I apologize for the length...any information would be greatly appreciated.


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