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Sync Playback and Recording

PostPosted: Mon Oct 14, 2013 2:35 pm
by xkynet

I'm working on a science project with a tricky hardware setup. The task is to record a human subject while he watches a 3D-movie. The current setup is the following:
  • Computer A plays the stereoscopic movie.
  • Camera A films the subject while he watches the movie
  • Computer B captures Camera A
Because all devices have to be tri-level-synced, my current idea is to use a Mini Converter Sync Generator and two Decklink-Cards, which are synced by the generator - one card is playing the video, the other one is recording.
So my first question is, does this setup work in the way I planed, or is there an easier way to achieve the task.
And the second one is, how does the DeckLink-Card handle a Ref-In-Signal? Can I sync an Out-Stream to a Ref-In-Signal?

Thanks in advance,


Re: Sync Playback and Recording

PostPosted: Mon Oct 14, 2013 3:22 pm
by Richard Courtney
I am thinking a Decklink Quad is your best choice.
Two channels outputting the Left/Right one channel recording the eye movement of the subject.

Use the Decklink SDK to wait for a frame request and then grab you camera while at sametime
playing the left image and right image.

Use a video editor to create your stereo videos and then create a split screen for your science