your suggestions for ASSEMBLING BMC KIT

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your suggestions for ASSEMBLING BMC KIT

PostWed Aug 29, 2012 5:07 am

i am into rental business.We are located in india.we are purchasing a Black Magic Cinema Camera and planing to rent it. i have few doubts regarding assembling the right accesories with Bmc so that we have a hassle free business with bmc. i have a restricted budget so i cant spend much for accessories.Lenses are not a problem for me as we already have almost all lenses.

I have a wondlan sniper 2.0 Deluxe DSLR RIG KIT. Is this Kit enough for housing and cagging Bmc cameras with EF Lenses ???. Because i hear BMC CAMERA IS 1.5 KGS. I use this rig for 5D & 7D Cameras. ... 126907.pdf

I dont have any external batteries. For BMC they recommend a battery but i feel its bit costly. is there any cheap good quality battery which can last 3-4 hrs ?

I have a manfrotto 504 HD Fluid head tripod is this tripod enough to hold the BMC & DSLR RIG I MENTIONED ABOVE ? OR SUPER TECH HEADS,SACHTLER'S NEEDED FOR bmc ?

I dont have MAC Laptops yet. i use windows(DELL LAPTOPS). i want to capture footages to my hard disk and play the rushes to the prodction unit after the shoot or while shoot is happening. mac is expensive if windows is fine i ll save lot of cash. can i instal Davinci resolve on my windows and copy the files and play the files via Resolve ? or will the CINEMA DNG FILES PLAY IN VLC OR ANY NORMAL PLAYERS ???

Thank you :)

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