ATEM1 recording stops

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Chris Lognion

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ATEM1 recording stops

PostWed Aug 29, 2012 7:06 pm

I submitted a help ticket 2 days ago and I have yet to receive a reply. I was hoping someone from Blackmagic will answer this or call me. The ATEM1 was working perfectly for many long-format (30 min- 3 hour) shoots, however it now stops after 8 - 11 min. The hard drive is clear, codec in AVI jpeg, Win 7 64 bit using USB 3 and renesis drivers. I have tried with ATEM versions 3.0 to present 3.2 and nothing works. I need to solve the ASAP.
Chris Lognion
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Joshua Helling

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Re: ATEM1 recording stops

PostThu Aug 30, 2012 4:34 am

Support still needs to go through the support offices.

You can call us at your convenience 6am-5pm PST in the US. Call waits are usually pretty short. Email can take a few days for response.

But if I were to spitball what's going on here. You're dropping frames. Your hard drive is not likely keeping up. Run the Disk Speed Test utility that we bundle and point it to your storage drive.

If you are recording to an SSD please be aware that if Trim is not supported with the drive the drive will think its clean but performance will be slow until it's really cleaned up (they hold onto deleted data).

Also make sure your scratch disk didn't inadvertently get changed to a slower performing disk.
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