HD Link and SD input

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Branimir Markovic

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HD Link and SD input

PostThu Aug 30, 2012 2:49 pm

I gave old HD Link to a customer for a test (and they already ordered HD Link PRO)
Problem is that SD signal on SDI input on their DVI monitor (Some generic LG LCD monitor) is not full screened. Is that normal? I’m afraid the same will be with HD Link PRO, and they ordered it to convert multiview output from their video mixer. Can someone answer if how does HD Link handles SD picture?
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Joshua Helling

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Re: HD Link and SD input

PostFri Aug 31, 2012 8:11 pm

That is normal.

On the original HDLink it adhered to the 1 to 1 pixel concept. But the output Raster was ALWAYS 1920x1200. So if you put SD though it and connected it to the DVI monitor you'd have a small window in the center of the screen. We had a pixel doubling feature which would simply double the pixels and would display it larger, but it didn't look the best.

On the HDLink Pro it is a little different. We still output pixel for pixel, but the output raster is set for whatever the incoming signal is. So as long as the monitor it's connected to can support the signal type, then it should connect to it fine. Of course you will then be subject to the monitors internal scaling as we are not doing the scaling. But it should cover your area of concern.
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